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Canon Rolling Shutter

canon rolling shutter

    rolling shutter
  • The term 'Rolling Shutter' only refers to CMOS sensor technology. In a “rolling shutter” sensor the start and end of exposure on each row or column or individual pixel happens sequentially and it typically takes a time equal to 1/frame rate for all of the pixels on the sensor to become active.

  • Rolling shutter (also known as line scan) is a method of image acquisition in which each frame is recorded not from a snapshot of a single point in time, but rather by scanning across the frame either vertically or horizontally.

  • A way to control the timing of a image sensor frequently used in consumer CMOS image sensors. The exposure (integration) time is controlled by a slit aperture that scans over the pixel array.

  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) A member of certain orders of clergy that live communally according to an ecclesiastical rule in the same way as monks

  • a priest who is a member of a cathedral chapter

  • A member of the clergy who is on the staff of a cathedral, esp. one who is a member of the chapter. The position is frequently conferred as an honorary one

  • a rule or especially body of rules or principles generally established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy; "the neoclassical canon"; "canons of polite society"

  • canyon: a ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall

nikon d90 sigma 30mm 1.4f video test footage

nikon d90 sigma 30mm 1.4f video test footage

Shot on Danny's D90
at around 11pm in very poor lighting conditions
(it was difficult to see the top info LCD w/o illuminating it)

for all the purist photogs out there...
this shows great potential for true "multi-media"
don't hate. just use what you want to use =]

although its some what not there yet in terms of shutter rolling issues...
(while waiting for d400... hah)



A glimpse while working on my computer: a plastic bottle of water, my Ikea desktop lamp and the circles of confusion made by the setting sun through the rolling shutters.

(actual light, no post-producing)
Canon Eos550D
Helios 44-2 58mm f2

Luglio 2011

canon rolling shutter

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