Kennel shade cloth. Faux blinds.

Kennel Shade Cloth

kennel shade cloth

    shade cloth
  • A shade sail is a device to create outdoor shade based on the same technology as a ships' sail.

  • A woven material used to filter sunlight and protect plants.

  • outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

  • put up in a kennel; "kennel a dog"

  • Put (a dog or cat) in a kennel

  • A kennel is the name given to any structure or shelter for dogs. A kennel is a doghouse, run, or other small structure in which a dog is kept.

kennel shade cloth - Uptown Welded

Uptown Welded Wire Box Kennel - Black with Gray Cover (6'Hx4'Wx8'L)

Uptown Welded Wire Box Kennel - Black with Gray Cover (6'Hx4'Wx8'L)

mfr: Jewett-Cameron Companies Lucky Dog™ Uptown Dog™ Complete Boxed Kennel

• No tools needed!
• Pre-assembled panels make set-up quick and easy for consumers
• Perfect for backyards or patios
• Complete kit includes kennel, cover frame, waterproof cover
• Industry leading quality
• Recognized by the American Kennel Club™ and ASPCA™
• UPS friendly
• 4? Wide x 8? Long x 6? High

• Commercial grade steel frame
• 10 gauge welded wire mesh
• Square tube design

• 2-Step Powder Coating process.
• After welding, the complete panel is galvanized, and then powder coated.
• Eliminating sharp edges, and adding extra rust prevention.

• Safety square corner design
• 1 raised legs for easy cleaning and to help prevent bacteria build-up
• Lockable, dog-safe latch

86% (12)

Feeling Good about Shade Progress

Feeling Good about Shade Progress

We had a nice day with reasonable wind speeds which allowed us to sync
the uprights for our new shade structure. Wendy has been telling me
all day "I hope you are proud of this one"... meaning we did good
work. Still some more welding ahead before we can mount up the shade

30% shade cloth structure for Puya seedlings

30% shade cloth structure for Puya seedlings

The Puya seedling trays needed to get out of my killer greenhouse so I created a shade structure for them using 30% shade cloth.

They grew very fast, P. mirabilis faster than alpestris, interestingly enough.

kennel shade cloth

kennel shade cloth

KooKoo Kennel 6 Inch Plush SoftHearted, Bulky, St. Bernardy Includes Mini Puppy

KooKoo Kennel 6in Plush Soft-Hearted, Bulky, St. Bernardy let's out a KooKoo Bark when you squeeze it's belly. Have a KooKoo Time playing with this lovable Pup and it's matching mini puppy. KooKoo Kennel Puppies are squeezable soft and fun to cuddle. Join this KooKoo Bunch in a world of fun and laughter. KooKoo Kennel Puppies are full of surprises from their KooKoo expressions, to their long winded names, and their KooKoo sounds. Each one is a unique experience! Go Totally KooKoo and Koollect the entire Kennel!

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